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BMW BERLIN-MARATHON will not take place in 2020

  BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2020Due to the regulation on the prohibition of major events against the background of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in accordance with § 32 Sentence 1 of the Infection Protection Act (valid since April 22, 2020), events with 5,000 participants or more are prohibited by the responsible authorities until October 24, 2020.

Over the past weeks, we have put a lot of commitment and effort into examining all options for holding the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2020 under the given conditions. We worked hard on the development of a hygiene concept and held countless discussions with our experts, the responsible authorities and service providers, among others. The examination of various options in this complex situation have taken a great deal of time. A comprehensive feasibility analysis showed that an event such as the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON could not be held under the current specifications also not after october 24, 2020, especially not with the high expectations we all have for this event. Naturally, we support the containment measures, as the health of everyone is of utmost importance to us.
The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON will therefore not take place on September 26-27, 2020 due to force majeure, and it is also not possible to hold the event at a later date this year. Jürgen Lock in his function as Managing Director of SCC EVENTS: "Due to the weather conditions alone and the ever shorter days, it would be very difficult to hold the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON with its various competitions and event formats this year. Then there is the uncertainty about which regulations will apply at a later date. The question of whether athletes will be able to travel internationally again by then can also not yet be answered."

This week all participants will receive the cancellation information mentioned above, in which two options are offered:
  1. Transfer of the personalized race entry to next year's BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on September 25 (skaters) and September 26, 2021 (wheelchair athletes, handbikers and runners) or
  2. Repayment of the participation fee (100%)
Upcoming activities for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021
Under the motto #berlin42united - we cannot race, but we will stay united, there are several activities planned for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON community in the coming months. For example, everyone is invited to upload a photo online from next week on, which can then become part of the official campaign for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021. This gives the athletes the chance to add to the key visual with their own small pictures, which will help build the community spirit of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON




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