10.10.2006 ob 09:25
Deli članek
Naarden, 10th October 2006 (MOREL)- Lemnis Lighting, a technology company focussed on the lighting market and managed by two members of the Philips family, introduces a new lamp today. This new lamp has a 90% lower energy consumption when compared to a standard 40 Watt light bulb. The new LED lamp, named Pharox, has a life span of over 50,000 hours and can be used in and around the home. The Pharox lamp emits a warm white light and is environmentally friendly when compared to other LED lamps, as the production does not include phosphor. The new Pharox LED lamp will initially be available to customers of the green energy supplier Oxxio.

Pharox is the first 3.4 watt LED lamp with a light output which can be compared to a standard 40 watt (flame) light bulb. The Pharox lamp provides a warm white light and a constant light output. This is quite an innovation when compared to current LED lamps and other energy-saving light bulbs, which emit a hard white light and whose light output is diminished by 20 % rather quickly. The Pharox lamp contains no more than 8 small chips, which have a life span of more than 50,000 hours. This results in over 35 years if the lamp is on for 4 hours a day.

The environmental and energy reduction effects of the Pharox lamp are impressive. The world-wide energy consumption of lamps amounts to 19%. When using the Lemnis technology this could theoretically be reduced by 90%. If each household in the Netherlands would swap 4 light bulbs for Pharox lamps, an energy saving in the Netherlands could be achieved of 1.5 billion KWh, based on 4 burning hours per day. This saving equals the energy consumption of all households of Amsterdam. Moreover the use of Pharox lamps results in savings of approximately 40 euros on a consumer´s energy bill.

The Pharox LED lamp is part of the latest generation light sources. Lemnis Lighting has succeeded in fine-tuning the LED technology such that the lamps can be used in existing fittings (and brackets) as well. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are semiconductors which emit light when electrically biased. The unique characteristics, such as low energy consumption and extreme longevity, make the use of this technology attractive in terms of signalling and decoration purposes. Lemnis LED lighting combines all these characteristics in one single product, to be used in every room. The first generation of Pharox lamps is not yet suitable for use in combination with a dimmer.

As of November, the first Pharox lamp production series will be available for Oxxio customers exclusively. Oxxio, the number four energy supplier in the Netherlands, is known for its mission to provide green energy, to be innovative and to focus on customer benefits. The introduction of the durable Pharox fits in well with Oxxio´s mission.

Frans Otten, Lemnis CEO comments as follows: "I am highly enthusiastic regarding the introduction of Pharox. It is about time that the light bulb is replaced by a more energy-saving solution which is able to emit a warm white light at the same time. The combination of a constant light output, long life span and low energy consumption makes this new LED lamp very attractive. In my view our new technology will be the dominant technology in the lighting market within the space of a few years."

Erik de Heus, Oxxio CEO: "I am extremely pleased with our co-operation with Lemnis Lighting. The Pharox LED lamp is a magnificent product and perfectly suits the Oxxio mission in terms of sustainability, innovativeness and providing customer benefits. The combination of the Pharox lamp and Oxxio green electricity translates into significant savings on energy costs for our customers."