09.01.2021 ob 23:15
Deli članek

Luxembourg, January 9, 2021 (MOREL)-  The overall prize money for the 2021 edition of the elite CEV Champions League Volley stands at a record-breaking € 4.8 million. The CEV Board of Administration agreed upon such a massive investment in another effort to support clubs and reward their efforts to help deliver the flagship competition in club Volleyball even in times of coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, the CEV will continue to promote full gender equality, with the very same pot at stake for the men’s as well as for the women’s competition.
The eventual winners of this year’s CEV Champions League will be returning home with a check worth € 500,000, which is an all-time record in the competition as well. The runners-up of the Super Finals will receive € 250,000, with those making it to the semis but failing to progress further securing € 125,000 apiece.
These figures as well as the overall prize money made available are testament to the CEV’s continuous efforts to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Moreover, they reflect the vision pursued by the leadership of the organisation around CEV President Aleksandar Boričić, whereby money goes back to the sport – since this is the best way to ensure that it continues to grow and that all stakeholders can cope with the many challenges that lie ahead.
Back in the spring of 2020, shortly after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in the cancellation of the late stages of all European Cups, the CEV responded swiftly by allocating more than 80% of the anticipated prize money to the teams competing across the CEV Champions League, CEV Cup and Challenge Cup. This was part of an unprecedented € 11.5 million recovery plan for European Volleyball announced by the CEV in response to the global health crisis.  
The 2021 edition of the CEV Champions League Volley started in late September of 2020 with the early rounds, before the pool stage commenced in late November and will now continue through to mid-February with a series of ‘bubbles’ to minimise international travel and provide a safe environment for all involved.

Moreover, the CEV launched in late 2020 the bidding process for the organisation of the Super Finals 2021 – currently scheduled to take place on May 1 and to represent the climax of the competitive season. The CEV introduced this revolutionary format, with the top two teams in each gender playing on the same day and at the very same venue, back in 2019. The historic event held at the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin remains the dawn of a new era for European Volleyball. Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA and Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA of Italy were the eventual winners of the competition, thus taking home not only the coveted title and trophy, but € 400,000 each as well. (ends)