20.02.2021 ob 22:12
Deli članek

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 20 February 2021 (MOREL) – Great international skiing is not the only thing taking place in the shade of the Tofane these days. In the Cortina 2021 Lounge, at the Finish Area in Rumerlo, Chef Team Cortina proposes delicacies from the best Italian and Dolomite food and wine tradition.

A united Cortina working as a team, also when it comes to gastronomy, the highlight of a destination that takes pride in the excellences of its territory. Chef Team Cortina is composed of ten restaurants: Fabio Pompanin from Al Camin, the Menardi family from Baita Fraina, Luigi Dariz from Da Aurelio, Michel Oberhammer from Baita Pié Tofana, Carlo Festini from Lago Scin, Massimo Alverà from Pasticceria Alverà, Nicola Bellodis from Rio Gere, Graziano Prest from Tivoli, the  Bocus family from Villa Oretta. (ends)