12.02.2021 ob 20:56
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The fanfare of the Julia alpine brigade at Cortina 2021

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 12 February  2021 – The ordinance music of the Julia alpine brigade will perform this Saturday in the evocative setting of the Tofane track on the occasion of the 2021 World Ski Championships. The famous musical formation will perform songs from the alpine tradition (military and non). The musical entertainment at the races is part of a wider contribution of personnel and vehicles supplied by the Alpine Army Troops for the benefit of the event. It highlights the contribution of the alpine spirit, also identified through the notes of the formal fanfare, to this important event, also bringing attention to its significance for the country as a whole.

The Ordinance Music of the Julia Alpine Brigade was born in 1967 from the union of the dissolved regimental fanfares of the 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment and the 8th Alpine Regiment. Symbol of the Alpine Troops, the Julia Fanfare is the artistic showcase of the "Julia Alpine Brigade", and one of the musical bands of the Italian Army.

It is based in Udine at the Pio Spaccamela barracks, seat of the “Julia Command and Tactical Support Department”.

The musical ensemble is made up of wind and percussion instruments. The instrumentalists who make up the ranks belong to the categories of Non-Commissioned Sergeants, Graduates and Volunteers in Fixed Station of the Italian Army. They carry out their artistic activity having trained at Italian music conservatories.

Their primary activities consist of participation at military, civil and religious ceremonies, such as CaSTA (Ski Championships of the Alpine Troops), the National Gathering of the Alpini, the exhibition in the presence of His Holiness Pope Francesco in Piazza San Pietro Rome, as well as numerous ceremonies in which honour is paid to the highest office of the state.

They also collaborate with primary and secondary schools in the city of Udine and its province, to raise awareness of the values ​​of military-ethics and musical art.

The Fanfare is directed and coordinated by Sergeant Major Flavio Mercorillo. (ends)