12.02.2021 ob 20:59
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Women’s training: Puchner and Gut-Behrami fastest during tests. Vertigine passages revised: tomorrow speed and spectacle

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 12 February 2021 – Today is official training day in Cortina d’Ampezzo, hence no medals were awarded. The women tested the Olympia delle Tofane twice, the first time they ended at Festìs and the second time they did full length of the slope. The Austrian and the Swiss athletes were the fastest in the two training runs. Mirjam Puchner set the best time in the morning training, 54/100 faster than her team-mate Tamara and 67/100 ahead of Swiss Lara Gut-Behrami, the new super-G world champion. In the timed training in the afternoon, Gut-Behrami was the fastest, closing 19/100 ahead of Tamara Tippler and 34/100 ahead of Mirjam Puchner.

The men’s downhill training took place on the Vertigine, a new track for most of the athletes. Many had the opportunity to try it during the super-G race on Thursday. Several athletes missed some gates. Despite this, best time was set by Italy’s Dominik Paris. The design of the downhill has already been revised and some gates were moved to make some passages faster and more spectacular.

Markus Waldner, Fis Race Director: «This was the safest approach from our point of view, we knew the guys would complain, but we need to understand how much speed to put on that jump. We have margin to open these three gates before the lift-off.  Tomorrow it will be a perfect and beautiful jump. The same goes for the traverse, which many guys missed. The gate will be opened about 4 meters and it will be a more natural passage. Then the flat below the Ghedina jump is quite tortuous and there it is possible to create more speed. We are below 100 km/h. We have no feedback and it is very difficult to estimate what we can expect. Therefore, we decided to play it safe and tomorrow we will have more fun».